Custom pencil drawing

Custom pencil drawing


A custom graphite (pencil) drawing of you and your child (one child). Limited to 3 slots.

I started drawing so I remember these precious moments. Soon we'll have moved out of this season and onto the next. In the daily grind each day can seem long but suddenly we hit another milestone, you can do something new, a birthday creeps up and takes me by surprise and I realise time is going so fast. I have 3 slots available - for me to do a custom drawing of you…so you can have a drawing of just you and your baby.

  • Must be based on a photo that you’ll email to me.

  • Must be a photo where you and your child aren’t wearing clothes - just take a look at the drawings in the photos - you can see that the mums and babies aren’t wearing any. Because of their simple, minimalist nature, clothes just don’t work (it makes it look bulky)

  • 12 x 16 inches (approx A3)

  • On beautifully textured 100% cotton paper with deckled edges

  • Please allow 4 weeks for the drawing to be ready to posted

  • If the photo doesn’t quite work or isn’t right, I’m sorry but I’ll have to return it and refund.

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