HOLD ON - rose gold on deep black 24.5x33cm

HOLD ON - rose gold on deep black 24.5x33cm


The classic carry. We do it all the time. My back aches. But. You need me. I love our closeness. And one day I'll be missing your arms around my neck.

Only one of these available. An original drawing, rose gold on a beautiful textured deep black colour. This beautiful paper is heavy weight, hand primed and dried. It’s 24.5x33cm (9x12 inches) - a bit larger than A4 size.

I started drawing so I remember these precious moments. Soon we'll have moved out of this season and onto the next. In the daily grind each day can seem long but suddenly we hit another milestone, you can do something new, a birthday creeps up and takes me by surprise and I realise time is going so fast.

Please note that because this paper is hand made and hand painted, there are marks and texture on the paper, each one is individual.

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