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13 motherhood poems
10 drawings
The rest blank for your words
A5 linen covered notebook made in a bindery in London
192 pages

A notebook for you to write your thoughts. Things you want to tell them. Things you want to remember. Along with my drawings and words.

I want you to have this book forever
To give it to your baby
To write down the things
You don’t want to forget

Little things 
Good days
Sweet moments with your baby
The things you want them to know

This book isn’t for best.
Let it get finger prints on it
Dog eared pages and ruffled sheets
Tea stains from your mug
Filled with one liners here and there
In pen, pencil or crayon

Your words don’t have to be perfect
Scribbles out are fine
Noting down a sweet mispronunciation
The first time they do something
Thoughts you have

For better for it to be full of your thoughts
And show signs of its existence 
Than pristine and clean
But void of content

This book’s life is for you
So you can look back
At the sweet bits
On bad days or
When you’re older
And so are they
And you miss them
Being so close

And I hope it has many more lives
With your generations to come
As you hand it down
So they know your thoughts
And if they have children of their own
Read about your moments
And maybe feel the same

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