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I started drawing so I remember these precious moments. Soon we'll have moved out of this season and onto the next. In the daily grind each day can seem long but suddenly we hit another milestone, you can do something new, a birthday creeps up and takes me by surprise and I realise time is going so fast.

For me, breastfeeding was hard in the early days but got easier and is something I'm so proud of and want to remember forever...I want to remember the calm that descends, the closeness, your eyes drifting off to sleep, your weighty frame in my arms. I know one day you'll nurse for the last time, so this is why I've done these drawings.

12x16 inches - ink print on high quality, heavy weight, off white 100% cotton paper with beautiful deckled edges. Sizing is approximate.

Please allow 3 working days for your order to be packed up and taken to the post office. See shipping page for more info.

LOVE NOTE: Would you like a note on your drawing? (pencil writing, bottom left of drawing - e.g. personlised with your own words or a note like "you + me, always" // "just us" // "always my baby":
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